GonzoGeek’s Top 10 Posts of 2010

Cheescake of the Year…again!

It’s that time once again kids.

That’s right, its the only time of year that Dan Fogelberg gets any regular airplay.

Thank the gods.

It’s also the time of year when we look back and see where we’ve been and where we’re heading.  It was another good year for the Gonzo Compadres.  You, our loyal reader(s), continue to check out our posts and, based on the increased readership this year, pass it along to your friends and neighbors.  For that we thank you.

Last year I started the tradition of naming our Cheesecake of the Year.  Last year it was Nadine Velazquez.  To our great surprise, after giving you 50ish lovely ladies to choose from this year, Ms. Velazquez reamains our top draw.  The lesson?  Never underestimate the Cult of Catalina.

We have an exciting annoucement to make and this seems like the place to do it.  Sometime in the VERY near future, we will be debuting our all new, all slick website.  Matt’s been hard at work on it and we’re all very pleased with the results.  So, be on the lookout for that.

And now, without any further ado, here is the list of the year’s top posts right here at GonzoGeek.  Numbers in parenthesis indicate a post’s position on last year’s list.

10.  Did Michael Jackson Fake His Own Death (1) – Last year’s top post continues to draw.  It probably has something to do with the fact that we were the first to break the rumor about Rockwell.  What rumor?  Read the post.

9.  New Woods Order – No story fascinated this year quite like the complete decimation of the Tiger Woods Franchise.  We suggested that Tiger turn heel.  Apparently it resonated.

8.  Metal Masters Tour- the review (8) – Now that’s consistent.  #8 two years running.  Chris and I took the metallic majesty in the summer of ’09, but its still a good read.  RIP Ronnie James Dio.  \m/

7.  The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 3 – Our TUF coverage has been a bright spot.  This one almost cracked the Top 10 last year.  Everyone is still curious about Roy Nelson‘s fight with now former UFCer Kimbo Slice.

6.  The New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Drinking Game – Not that Saints fans need a reason to drink.  This just gave the binging some order as the Saints won their first ever Super Bowl.

5.  Your Favorite Band Sucks (2) – Stephe’s screed on popular music still draws heavy traffic.  I think its his pairing of Ray Manzarek and the word “whoremonger.”  That could just be me.

4.  21st Century ‘Stand By Me’?Zakk Wylde in a coming of age movie.  Sure, why not.

3.  Friday LinkFrogging – 6/4/10 – This post was responsible for our single biggest month in history.  Apparently a lot of people were looking for pictures of Katherine Heigl around the time Killers came out.  We thought for a while Ms. Heigl and her coin slot were going to take Cheesecake of the Year honors, but she came up short, 283 views short.

2.  Friday LinkFrogging (3) – The unstoppable Nadine Velazquez drove this post even higher on the list than last year. 

1.  Steven Adler’s Dead! – Chris stumbled upon the perfect storm on this one.  He paired a sensationalist headline with an ongoing possibility and tied it to a slasher flick.  Well done sir.  Well done.

And because we love our readers, one more slice of cheesecake for the road.  Happy New Year!

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