Friday LinkFrogging – 1/7/11

Well boys and girls, its a new year, and we are back.

The gang here at GonzoGeek took a little time off for the holidays (well, except for Matt). 

Now we’re recharged and ready to roll into the once (on-say).  Think that will catch on?

Before we get to the links, we’ve got to introduce you to our very first slice of cheesecake of 2011.  Say hello to Summer Glau.

Ms. Glau boasts quite a set of geek credentials.  She played River Tam in Joss Whedon‘s Firefly and the subsequent movie, Serenity.  She was Cameron the Terminatrix on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  She’s also voiced Supergirl in the DC animated movie Superman/Batman:  Apocalypse.  She will reprise that role in the upcoming MMORPG DC Universe Online.

Starting this weekend, she will play the intrepid reporter chasing after the secrets of the hero on NBC’s The Cape.  That’s right, she’s gonna be Lois Lane.

Welcome to 2011.  Let’s hope its a good one!

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

Keyboard cat…

…plays Bret Michaels off.

McCartney = veggie fascist.

Blogged music compiler.

Inside a college football tragicomedy.

The five worst canned foods you can easily find in America.

Now ladies can also enter the Amon Amarth grow-a-Viking-beard contest.

21st century Van Gogh.

Josh Groban sings Kanye West’s tweets.

Brutal Truth – Evolution Through Revolution – LIVE! footage.

Wrinkling time?

RIP Gerry Rafferty.

The six best and worst metal album covers of 2010.

Pope Benedict XVI’s top rock albums of all time.  For real.

One of PB16’s likely disciples likes his jams a little heavier.

RIP Phil Kennemore.

When rock star love dies.

Dude v. Duke.

Kanye’s “Monster”…with muppets.

The Secret Life of Toys.

Are YOU Sarah Connor?

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