A Keith Richards Moment

So I’m reading Keith Richards‘ autobiography Life.

So far so good.

Its a good read and now that they’ve actually formed the Stones things are moving right along.

The other morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work, I told my wife that I might leave the book on my nightstand, even after I’m done.  I think the cover is really cool.

There’s Keith, putting a lighter to another cigarette, his right eye partially obscured by his trademark skull ring. 

Just another day in the storied life of one of the Glimmer Twins.

A day or two later it occurred to me why I think that.

Now, doesn’t the cover of Keef’s 1988 solo album Talk is Cheap look remarkably like an after  shot of the book cover?

And just for fun, Keith Richards and his semi-legendary backing band, the X-pensive Winos performing “Gimme Shelter.”  Enjoy.

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