Friday LinkFrogging – 1/21/11



If you could spend two days locked in your wood-panelled basement playing ‘BlackOps’ with anyone on earth, who would you choose?

Awwww….that’s sweet. You’d choose your brother. But we said ANYONE on earth. That’s right, look up slowly, take a deep breath, and now decide.

We thought you’d come around.

This week’s cheesecake is none other than gamer-Geek extraordinaire Olivia Munn. If you’re a regular viewer of G4 TV you’re probably already familiar with Ms. Munn, having spent 4 years getting assorted tips from her as co-host of that network’s ‘Attack of the Show!’ And you  ‘Daily Show’ fans out there have gotten to enjoy her work since June 2010, when she was added to John Stewart’s ready arsenal of quick-witted correspondents.

The movies were also good to Munn in 2010, seeing her get turns in both ‘Date Night’ and ‘Iron Man 2.’ And since you like to read, there’s always her spectactularly titled ‘Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek,’ also released last year.

Finally, a little personal trivia to help break the ice while the game loads. Munn was born in Oklahoma of Chinese and German-Irish decent, and grew up as an Air Force brat, primarily in Tokyo.

Now get in there and have fun! See you Monday.

Your first look at X-Men – First Class.

Same Old Situation.  Vince Neil headed to jail for DUI.

Superhero cook out gear.  GRILL ON!

Nine famous movie villains who were right.

Christopher Nolan picks his Catwoman.  Fanboys experience palpatations.

Blockbuster knockoffs.

Fred Armisen. Portland. Good. Funny.

 Energy policy

 Synth Britannia – full feature length documentary – post-punk UK

Best Documentaries of 2010

 A real Jurassic Park?

The circle of life, human-style

 Yankee taste

8 shots of whisky in a can. What could possibly go wrong?

 Chicken nugget nigiri. Meatball Deathstar!

Young, white, suburban thug luv, as told through Facebook

Skeletor vs Early Man

 …and now Primate

 One sentence explanations of KISS songs (hey now, quiet in the back!)

Guitar lesson from Mastadon (aka two dudes shredding without all that other sound).

Valient Himself takes you behind the scenes of the ‘Double Crossed’ video

…and finally, the radio business.

One of Munn’s earliest appearances chasing the Hollywood dream.

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