Friday LinkFrogging – 1/28/11

Metallic reflection

If you build it, they will come. It worked out just fine in ‘Field of Dreams’ and it seems to be going well as a potential philosophy around here. I only say potential because so far we haven’t spent much time philosophizing about what the hell we’re up to here at GG HQ. But that’s the way it should be. We are you. You are us. If we like it, we’re 99% sure you will too. And if you don’t, the other 1% does!

See how that works. Action, not words.

In that spirit, please allow me to introduce this week’s LinkFrogging cheesecake hostess, Maria Brink. Ms. Brink fronts LA-based metal band In This Moment, who are 3 albums into a five-year career and currently on tour as part of the Music As A Weapon 2011 tour with Korn, Disturbed, and Sevendust.

No, she doesn’t act. She’s not in any video games or on any reality TV shows. What she does is rock. And that’s why we’ve brought her here today. Aamir and I have started a heavy metal blogcast that will be hosted here on GonzoGeek. The pilot episode will be out early next week. And we’ll be going at it every other week from that point forward. Have a listen. Get to know us this time around. The guests will follow in future episodes.

In the meantime, team GG has once again scoured the web, pulling together a series of delights for your amazement and amusement in the latest installment of our longest-running and most-viewed feature yet, LinkFrogging.

Come, let us see what Ms. Brink has hidden behind Door #3.


A graph only a Hudsucker could love.

Maybe this is the bridge to the 21st Century

So it WAS BP’s Fault, after all.

When I looked to the right, I saw a terrible sight as the Bossman took a bad fall.

17 images that will ruin your childhood.

21 things that can’t be unseen (SFW).

Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken Restaurant complete with commercial.  YEAH BOOOOOOY!

Kevin Smith is hanging up his trenchcoat.

Oscar nominations were announced this week.  Here are some projects the winners would like for you to forget.

Meet the new boss.  Worse than the the old boss?

Speaking of The Office, take a look at Ricky Gervais’ sordid past.

Angry Birds coming to your kids’ Saturday morning cartoons.

Proofreading FAIL!

 A Jeff Buckley biopic is in the works.  Will he be played by a sparkly vampire?

Wine makes for good science

 Clear view of new Spider-Man suit

 A template for every awful Facebook discussion you’ve ever witnessed.

 Diamond Dave-era Van Halen covers Bowie’s ‘Jean Genie’

 Kids fighting in the streets of Beaumont, Texas.

 The story of ‘The Thong Song’ as told by its violinist

 Vince Young says he’s “elite,” plans to start in 2011

 Now women can line up for something other than Ron Jeremy’s tremendous wit

 Last week’s cheesecake – Olivia Munn – in action

 Pointless wank tool

 ….something this dude would be completely unfamiliar with.

 ‘Lemmy’ doc review

 Space sailing

The government CAN turn the internet off, just ask Egyptians.

And now, check Maria in action.


6 thoughts on “Friday LinkFrogging – 1/28/11

  1. oh man, her chesticles are divine….bountiful…cavernous cleavage…mmm. saw these guys with devildriver at the meridian in 2008. they put on a decent show…well, she is the show.

    1. Thanks man! It’s the power of metal. Metal. The one true path!

      Well, it’s that and being part of a kick-ass website worked on by kick-ass dudes.

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