The Jibbies & Loond Show – A Heavy Metal Webcast: Episode 000 – The Pilot

Hello folks. Aamir and I have started a podcast covering what we love most: HEAVY METAL. The debut episode is attached below. There’re a few small technical issues, but that’s part of why we did it with just the two of us the first time around. We also wanted to use the first episode to give you, the happy listener, an idea of who we are.

Future episodes will feature interview segments with other members of the global metal community (musicians, producers, label folks, fellow fans, promoters, freaks, geeks, losers, kings, saints, sinners, spacemen) field reports, theme episodes….you name it!

We plan on doing this every other week from now until the end of time and very much hope you will  join us and spread the word.

See you out there. Horns up m-fers! — J & L

J&L Episode 000 – The Pilot

Music featured this episode:
Sons of Aeon – ‘Burden’

Early Man – ‘Beware The Circling Fin’

Sword – ‘Where To Hide’

C’mon – ‘Get On Top’

Halfway To Gone – ‘Whiskey Train’

2 thoughts on “The Jibbies & Loond Show – A Heavy Metal Webcast: Episode 000 – The Pilot

  1. Great Job guys…….

    Feb 22 in GR for the MH / Clutch / VT tour, can’t wait.

    Full Vio-Lence tour would be awesome. When Dell/Strickland lock into one of those grooves with Rob and Phil riffing on top…..LOOKOUT!



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