Friday LinkFrogging – 2/11/11


Welcome to Friday boys and girls.

Last week’s run-in with the flu and fever flirting with the high end of the FM dial, left me behind the 8-ball on all fronts this week.  I was so far behind that when I sat down at my desk this morning I still didn’t have a cheesecake selected.  That just doesn’t happen kids.

I considered Christina Aguilera, but feared I might forget what I wanted to type.

I have, as previously discussed, a standing “No Lohan” rule.

With the Justin Bieber movie opening today I had an opening to use his main squeeze, Selena Gomez, but that still just feels wrong.

We’ve already used Jennifer Aniston so she was out.

That’s when it hit me.  She’s not the only lovely lady in Adam Sandler‘s latest piece of arrested development cinema.

Say hello to Brooklyn Decker won’t you?

Ms. Decker, besides her role in Just Go With It, is a world class supermodel, having appeared in several Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.  She was featured on the cover in 2010.

She’s also married to tennis star Andy Roddick

You can make your own ball return jokes.

So, let’s put Brooklyn in our rearview mirrors and hit the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

High speed creativity.

Why you always pay your web designer.

Full exploration of Point of Entry album, ‘Desert Plains’

RIP Gary Moore

Bill O’Reilly teaches kids about science.

No more cassette tapes for the road.

Stay classy Mark Sanchez.

HeroMachine 2.5, superhero generator

What people are thinking when standing in the supermarket line.

Metalachi: The World’s First Heavy Metal Mariachi Band

Family Feud: Name something that gets passed around.

Here’s your new X-Men trailer.

 And your Arrested Development movie is officially a go.

Stay classy Owen!

Best service process…EVER!

And finally, enjoy those oysters…while you can.

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