The Circle of Rock

"No Viv, it goes like this...' (photo by Supersuckers)

The Supersuckers, the Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the world, have been on a European tour this winter opening for a reconstituted version of Thin Lizzy. Reports are the action on stage has been  predictably rocktastic.

Based on this pic, however, some pretty marvelous happenings have also been taking place in the wings. From the glory of Thin Lizzy, to the tale of an 18-year old Irish shredder hand-picked by Ronnie James Dio to launch his solo career, to the garage cowpunk wonder this is Tucson’s own Supersuckers (“Metal” Marty Chandler pictured), a big slice of rock greatness in captured in a single image.

If  you want more of the same, the Supersuckers have been doing a great job chronicling their adventures here

As an aside, you will see more horns in the air at a Supersuckers show than at any concert outside of the late, great Mr. Dio himself.

2 thoughts on “The Circle of Rock

  1. yeah man. the last one Get It Together was pretty great too. ‘Sacrilicious Sounds….’ is awesome. I think I played ‘Born With A Tail’ 85 times when I first got my hands on it.

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