The Jibbies & Loond Show – Episode 001 – Finland to Tampa

Welcome back folks. In this episode Jibbies and Loond unearth all manner of metal delights, new and old alike, starting in Finland, winding through first Egypt and then NYC, and taking a nice refreshment break in Tampa before attempting to pass through customs into Bigfourland.

Please have a listen and spread the word.

Metal! – J & L

Or, for download below…

J&L Episode 001 – Finland to Tampa

Music featured this episode:

Crystalic – ‘Throne of Sin’

Scarab – ‘Ankh’

Nuclear Assault – ‘Trail Of Tears’

Nasty Savage – ‘Unchained Angel’

Nuclear Assault – ‘New Song’ and ‘Mother’s Day’

Sasquatch – ‘The Judge’

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