Jibbies & Loond – Episode 002 – Death Angel to Angel of Death

Hey. We’re starting to get out into the world now. Well, one of us anyway. Loond reports on the Death Angel show while Jibbies sits on the couch. We also dissect the Gary Holt-as-Slayer-sub situation and generally bring you everything on our minds in the world of metal: from lame TV shows, to recreational drinking practices, and of course, the music that fuels it all….


[Potentially NSFW – Language]

And for download…

J&L Episode 002 – Death Angel

Music featured in this episode:

Death Angel – ‘Mistress of Pain’

Sungrazer – ‘Common Believer’

Suplecs – ‘In Your Shadow’

Freedom Hawk – ‘Land Of The Lost’

Exodus – ‘Verbal Razors’

Slayer – ‘Necrophobic’


Discontent after Slayer cancels in Sydney, Tom having been hospitalized the night before with an undisclosed illness. Haven’t found any HQ Gary Holt footage, esp. in terms of audio.  Would love to see it if you’ve got some!

– J&L.

6 thoughts on “Jibbies & Loond – Episode 002 – Death Angel to Angel of Death

  1. Just stopping by to raise the horns for Death Angel, and Slayer (with Hanneman or Holt on the stage). Respect!

  2. Love DW Smoke and Mirrors album and pretty much everything by Sasquatch. There are multiple issues that will prevent my attendance in Austin, having a 7 month old primarily. You guys have fun and represent! Oh, and get me some details on Keith Gibbs’ guitar rig. I have to know how he gets that sick fucking tone!

  3. yes, come down and join in the merriment. there’s also a kick-ass tee pee records day party on saturday. oh yay-ya.

    1. No doubt. We’ve got two solid days of Small Stone coming up at SXSW this year…showcase Thursday night (Dixie Witch, Solace, Roadsaw, Sasquatch, House of Broken Promises, Lo-Pan)…and then the daytime party Friday (Solace, The Might Could, Red Giant, Lo-Pan, Tia Carrera (?!), BackWoods Payback).

      The calendar is moving very slowly…

      You should ditch everything and come down here on (almost) zero notice!

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