A Drug Called Sheen

I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about Charlie Sheen.  It’s yet another testimony to how our society is just a bunch of overly sensitive, bored, judgmental, self righteous, pansies.  Who cares?  Live and let live…ever heard the term?  I think the guy is pretty darn funny.  He’s definitely nutty, but man is he having a good time.  It’s interesting and funny to me that he really just plays himself on ‘Two and a Half Men’…now that’s reality TV…ha!  It’s all entertainment.  Why is it being taken so seriously?  On air or off the air…they’re celebrities…entertainers…don’t give them more than that.  None of them should be anyone’s role models.  I can kinda understand women hating on this guy, but dudes that do so are pretty hypocritical.  I mean come on…Sheen is living the life of a rock-star…and what dude wouldn’t want that, if not for at least one day?  He becomes “important” because of the constant media coverage and the mindless masses that eat it up.  And then everyone gets in their arm-chair and under the guise of the internet becomes an expert of some sort – judge, doctor, psychiatrist, pharmacist, therapist, etc.  So, to Mr. Sheen, I say party on dude.  Your tales of booze, drugs, hookers, and general kookiness give me a chuckle.  I have no place or reason to judge you and for that matter to care for or about you.

11 thoughts on “A Drug Called Sheen

  1. Yes, Sheen has quite effectively spun this annoying media frenzy as him against the big, bad corporations. It’s such an effective a spin that previously disengaged people feel fine carving out a position for themselves that seems to imply tacit support for the guy. It’s just the naughty thing to do, and Sheen’s most effective sheep-herding trick is to make them want to root for the bad guy. I’ve got to admit the guy’s good.

    I think a small part of the vitriol directed at him has to do with events around us. I mean, yet *ANOTHER* aggrieved angry whiteboi whining about his persecution? I’m forced to hear about yet *another* spinelessly dishonest blowhard trying to spin simple consequences of his weak decisions into some vast conspiracy?

    Angry whiteboi against the world? Well then, that’s fine. I say Sheen’s a victim of the times.

    For the record, I don’t know any of his jokes (except the catchphrases that have made it onto soundbites) I never watched a single one of his podcasts, tweeted him, gone to his website, or anything else, and it’s been over a month since this posting was made. So, if someone criticizes me for having a strong opinion on it, they should point out that I have probably been more disengaged from his ramblings than they have been. Try as I might, I cannot escape him! We cannot get out!

  2. I don’t want to wade into what may be contentious topic areas, such as the safety of the Sheen children, whether the man is harming himself with substances, suffering from mental or emotional issues, gathering a sampling of SoCal’s female adult film talent to create an evil porn army to do his bidding, etc., but do I find the words and actions of one Mister Carlos Irwin Esteves pretty effing entertaining as late. I’d love to spend a day inside that dude’s skull.

    Hopefully it’s cool to post a web link? Some awesome Sheen-isms right heeyah:


    1. Ha! Absoultely cool to do so. Nice name reference too. I just saw on the interwebs where SiriusXM has in fact scheduled Tiger Blood Radio on their weekend sched. Sounds like kind of a compilation program though. Hopefully Howard’s offer of a live mic won’t be too far behind….

  3. To an extent I’m turning into a ‘you kids get off my lawn’, but I really don’t enjoy watching this guy self-destruct in real time.

    Clearly he has issues, and they’re more related to mental illness or substance abuse than they are to a rock and roll lifestyle.

    They guy needs to decompress in private, not every media outlet that’ll give him air-time. Of course any chance of that happening went out the window this morning when GMA and others reported that over half a million people signed up for his Twitter feed.


    We’re not a nation of pansies. We’re a nation of enablers.

    PS- Nice picture. About sums it up.

    1. I’m pretty sure Howard Stern has offered him an open DSL mic in his home so that he can broadcast whatever’s on his mind whenever he wants.

      Not sure if that’ll work for too long in Chuck’s mind though. He still seems at least as addicted to the flashing lights and person-to-person reaction as anything.

  4. Yesterday he took a passing shot at the kid from “Two and a Half Men” for not “doing anything about the situation.”

    Every time Carlos is on my screen Pink Floyd pops into my head.

    Shine on you crazy diamond!

  5. I think he’s funny. And I like the spectacle of watching him expand before the inevitable implosion. Just like a real star. Soon there will be nothing, save an expanding cloud of warm gas.

  6. I’m a dude and I don’t think it’s hypocritical at all to dis on the guy for being what he is, a self-destructive dick.

    I share your annoyance with the media for shoving him down our throats and for us rewarding them with ratings, webhits, etc.

    But I’m more annoyed that Mr. Sheen is the one fueling the fire. Chuck, you’ve got money and fame and hookers, do you really need to be on GMA, CNN, TMZ, etc. You can’t enjoy that shit in private?

    And the answer, of course, is no, because he’s another bored, self-absorbed pansy, like the rest of us, including you and me, since you found it worthy of a post and I thought it worthy of a comment.

    If he truly was the professional he claims to be then he’d know that what he needs to do now is crawl inside that awesome mind of his, quit acting like a brat, and either quit his his job or do his job.

    The nonsense will stop when he stops the nonsense.

    And since he won’t, since he chooses to inflict himself upon MY television, I think it’s perfectly okay for me to hate on the guy, even though I’m a dude.

    1. wow. i’m sorry my post upset you so. it was really meant as a light hearted response to a very silly man who’s making lots of noise right now.

      1. Don’t take it personally Aamir.

        Stephe is slowly turning into that “you kids get off my lawn” guy.

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