Elvis Is Everywhere Featuring King!

Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king

Back in 1987, Mojo Nixon put forth the proposition that Elvis is everywhere and everyone.

The King died in 1977, but he’s still as much a part of our culture today as he was in 1953. 

As the Mark Wills song says –

Well, I was a kid when Elvis died
And my mama cried

My mom was a huge Elvis fan.  I was raised on his music, his music, the whole thing.  I still have her vinyl copies of Girl Happy and the Comeback Special.

What’s the point of all this?  Simple.  I’m a sucker for interesting Elvis representations in the media.

A while back, whilst taking a look at the USA Today Life Comics page, I stumbled upon a writeup for King!

King! (exclamation point included) tells the story of a former luchador turned monster hunter.  I ordered the first two issues from Blacklist Studios and was happy with what arrived in the mail.

King! clearly owes a a debt to Hellboy.  The unconventional ass kicking monster hunter is straight out of the pages of Mignola.  However, by placing King! within the world of lucha libre, the gang at Blacklist pay homage to the classic lucha movies that we have featured in Lucha Libre Theater.  Guys in masks taking on evildoers and overcoming insurmountable odds is classic genre stuff.

King’s first client is a mechanized human heart.  It hires El Rey to take out a band of zombies and an ancient god of decapitation.  Oh, and the legendary Spear of Destiny makes an appearance.

All while King! munches on a peanut butter banana burrito with extra bacon and cheese.

That’s good stuff kids.

King! is available from the Blacklist store for $3.99 per issue. 

I’ll be taking a look at more versions of Elvis in pop culture very soon.  Until then, enjoy Mojo Nixon’s original thesis.

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