Jibbies & Loond: Special Small Stone SXSW video edition

Small Stone Recordings, one of the most righteous record labels on this earth, hosts a showcase for its bands each year at South by Southwest. Loond got there nice and early, established contact with label-head Scott Hamilton and did a quick interview with the vocally inimitable Jeff Martin of Lo-Pan.

Jibbies showed up just a little bit later and had his SXSW door luck remain undented. The person before him gets “doors aren’t open yet.” The doorman looks at Jibbies and says, “watcha need man?” “I’d like to check out the show.” “Go on in.”  The person after Jibbies? “That’ll be $7, but you can’t go in yet.” [Ed. Note: Jibbies has on previous SXSW journeys turned entirely invisible and simply walked through whatever door he chose.]

This stroke of good fortune only turned problematic when Jibbies went outside to interview the Might Could’s Erik Larsen and again later when he and Loond had a curbside chat with Keith Gibbs of Sasquatch. It turns out its hard to get back into a place if no-one saw you enter the first time. But thanks to both musicians and a very reasonable door staff at Barbarella’s any hardship was avoided and METAL! once again prevailed.

We’ll have those interviews for you as part of the next podcast. In the meantime, please enjoy the following video treats, LIVE! from the front lines of SXSW 2011.

Hopes were high for Columbus, Ohio’s Lo-Pan, and man did they deliver. Between Jeff Martin’s hypnotic vocals and the sheer musicality of the band as a whole, they are a groove to be reckoned with. Could share a stage with anyone.

Sasquatch video and more after the break…

L.A.’s Sasquatch were up next. They are, quite simply, the perfect band. Hooks everywhere. Power. Groove. Rock n f-ing roll. And a stage presence at once charming and steam-rolling. Tune in for an interview with Keith Gibbs during the next podcast. Props also to bassist Jason Casanova and drummer Rick Ferrante for being both powerhouse musicians and right on dudes.

And our final offering for you from this event is Indio, California’s House of Broken Promises. Formed from the ashes of Unida, Jibbies figures this band could be the one to really blow up. There’s something about their overdriven attack that remains, at its core, very familiar to the ears. But even though it’d be perfectly at home getting blasted out of the frat-house windows, make no mistake, a dark and savage heart is beating underneath.

Food beckons. Red River Ave. 2 a.m.


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