Jibbies & Loond: Tee Pee Records SXSW Day Party special

If you enter Day 3 at SXSW without beginning to feel your momentum wane at least a little you’re either a liar, a poseur (ie. not working a bit), or a meth-head. So it was for J&L as Saturday’s festivities began. Fortunately, the combination of Tee Pee Records’ diverse line-up and the cozy laid-back confines of Scoot Inn offered the perfect antidote.

Scoot Inn is on the ‘other’ side of I-35, well removed from the 6th St./Red River mayhem. More than anything it is an old-school bar. Yes it has lots of outdoor space, a nice stage, and, for this day anyway, a half pipe, but Scoot Inn’s prime directive is to provide you with a place to drink in peace.

Pedicabs have taken over Austin as if they intend to turn it into Little Bangkok. Jibbies automotive misadventures continued as one particularly dull-witted ‘cab operator drove into him while he was trying to back the Metal Machine into its parking spot. The moral of this story, particularly combined with the hours-long parking odyessey of the day before is, if at all possible, leave your car at home kids. Now, on to the METAL!

True Widow’s organic ambience helped take the edge of Jib’s ill humor. But things really started rolling with Naam.

Naam lay down what Jibbies calls  inner-space rock:  music perfect for going deep inside ones own skull and wandering around for a while. Bassist/vocalist John Bundy explained that it’s all about the groove when J caught a post-set word with him (interview in an upcoming podcast). The band will be playing a hometown Brooklyn gig Mar. 26 with the Atomic Bitchwax among others before spending almost the entire month of April in Europe.

Jibbies liked Scoot Inn a lot, and decided to take a stroll around its insides and outsides so you could check it out as well.

One part Houston (vocalist Lakis Panagiotopulos) and three parts Oakland) Lecherous Gaze play punky-yet-soulful flat out heavy rock, touching on women, .45-cal. holes, and grave digging along the way. In short, it’s a real good time! J&L interviewed Lakis post-set. Check it in an upcoming ‘cast.

L.A.’s Night Horse kept the rock rolling. In a true the show must go on spirit, the band started their set on time with a fill-in drummer, their own still trying to get to the venue. He showed up during their second song. We’ve captured it all for you here.

Trap Them and All Pigs Must Die took the stage together to close out the day party. The results were spectacular, each band pushing the other while obviously having a great time swapping gear for each song. We’ve captured Trap Them’s first tune, the first changeover, and a chunk of APMD here.

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