UME at SXSW 2011


Day four of SXSW 2011, Saturday 3/19 and I took a bit of a break from the Metal to go down to Skinny’s Ballroom and catch Austin’s very own UME.  I was turned on to this band by a YouTube post on FB by my buddy Chris Smith (aka Jibbies) and I was hooked.  What a fantastic power trio they are.  Led by the gorgeous Lauren Larson, who is a sick guitar player and has a beautiful voice to boot.  Husband (boooo), Eric Larson, on bass and a hard hitting new drummer, Rachel Fuhrer.  Rachel was commandeering a kick-ass red/black striped Gretsch kit.  The house was packed and although it was their fourth show of the day, I don’t think anyone would have known by the enthusiasm and energy that they exuded.  The songs are punchy, catchy, and have a great combo of bite and beauty.  Lauren’s stage presence is freakin awesome.  She’s a very physical player with her head banging and hair flayling…what a bad-ass chick.  All the while shredding on the guitar and howling on the mic.  A very entertaining and captivating performance.  Their 5 song Sunshower EP is killer and widely available…so check that out.  I look forward to hearing more good stuff from this band in the near future.

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