Jibbies & Loond – Episode 004 – SXSW 2011, Pt. 1

Following just days after their Motorhead odyssey, Jibbies and Loond returned to Austin for SXSW 2011, and put the young’uns to shame with their stamina, tenacity, and liver power, like two superheroes powered by METAL!, rock, and alcohol.  Loond got things started on Thursday afternoon at Emo’s with the Full Metal Texas day party. After the day-time bludgeoning it was time for the Small Stone Records showcase at Barbarella, which took J&L into the wee hours of the night. 

Friday afternoon J&L were at Headhunters for the Small Stone Records day party and spent that night at The Dirty Dog Bar for the Metalliance showcase. Saturday afternoon at The Scoot Inn brought our metallic duo the Tee Pee Records/Converse/Thrasher Magazine day party and as the sun was setting found them once again in the wonderful confines of Stubb’s for Tres Mts. The night was capped by a raging party set from Valient Thorr at Barbarella. 

Aside from being steeped in fabulous music for four days, we consumed large quantities of Lone Star beer, sampled a variety of street food, went on missions to evacuate our bowels in the most decent restrooms we could find, hung out with some great fools, and saw some of the most vast/varied array of female deliciousness the eye can see.  It was an absolutely incredible time, so have a listen to the show for all the gory details, and as we promised…some voices other than ours. – Loond

[Editor’s note: Part 1, presented here, follows J&L through the Small Stone day party and includes interviews with Jeff Martin (Lo-Pan), Erik Larsen (the Might Could, Parasytic, ex-Alabama Thunderpussy), Keith Gibbs (Sasquatch) and Scott Hamilton (President, Small Stone Recordings). Part 2 is already under construction.]


[Potentially NSFW]

And for download….

J&L Episode 004 – SXSW 2011 Pt 1

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Music featured this episode:

Lo-Pan – ‘Dragline’

Sasquatch – ‘Boss Hog’

House of Broken Promises – ‘Obey The Snake’

Sasquatch – ‘Seven Years To Saturn’

Suplecs – ‘In Your Shadow’

Ozzy – ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ [Speak of the Devil]

Cream – ‘Wrapping Paper’

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