Friday LinkFrogging – 4/1/11

Welcome back kids.

Now that most of the Gonzo Compadres have recovered from their varietal trips to SXSW, we’re back and getting down to it.  Well most of us anyway.  John is in Hotlanta this weekend for Wrestlemania.  Its his first trip to the big event despite a lifelong obsession with the squared circle.

Sure, the Final Four is this weekend, and we’ll be keeping an eye on that, but we’re Geeks.  We still enjoy the glory of the squared circle too.

Well, maybe not as much as we did before the McMahonopoly homogenized the product to the point of monotony, but still, its the biggest weekend of the year for fans of rasslin’ and/or sports entertainment.

So, in honor of ‘Mania (and at the suggestion of frequent hand model David Cantu), we’re pleased to present this week’s cheesecake.  Say hello to Trish Stratus.

Ms. Stratus began her career  as a fitness model (whatever that means) in Canada before making the move to the WWF/E.  There she donned a trench coat, cowboy hat and the managerial reins of the infamous tag team T&A (subtle Vince).  In the anything goes Attitude Era, Trish often found herself in the middle of very sexually oriented storylines.  I would imagine an entire generation of American boys hit puberty when she debuted the Stratusfaction.

After a very successful WWE career, Trish retired, sort of.  She’s making a return to the “E” next week as one of the coaches on Tough Enough, the WWE’s answer to The Ultimate Fighter.  Watch as Trish, Steve Austin, Booker T and Hugh Morrus (really??) train the next generation of WWE talent.

No word yet on who will give them their buzzcuts and tribal tats.

On to the links.

Linkfrogging! Ribbit!

Some folks really love their mass transit.

Anarchists in the UK.

One-man rock band.

More metal than you.

…but not you.

Meet the new boss.

Gilbert Gottfried: Too Soon [NSFW]

Jonah Hill on Sesame St.

Lollapalooza 2011: 20th anniversary time-capsule

Jennifer Finch (L7), ‘14 and shooting,’ her ‘80s photography of the L.A. punk scene.

Cheap Trick, late ‘70s interview.

“Open comes the airplane…”

Oderus Urungus wants you…probably from behind.

Download both of the Jesus Lizard’s Peel Sessions here.

And some stoner rock goodies here.

AMC reaches a deal for more Mad Men.

Apparently sharks are learning to fly.  We’re screwed.

The Dude turns the tables on the paprazzi.

Double Rods!

Movies that should have just been trailers.  Yes, Sucker Punch, we’re looking at you.

Then, the 25 best movie comedies of all time.

And finally, some wild ass fan ideas about some classic movies that might actually make them better.

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