Jibbies & Loond – Episode 006 – K.K. retires, Dokken doesn’t

Well here we are, 1/111th of the way to our epic Episode 666 blow out, and just when you thought everything was going to turn normal, J&L get served the surprise retirement of founding Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing to dissect . Along the way Loond also checks out Dokken live, the duo give Startruckers a listen, Loond goes  retro connoisseur with Blind Illusion, and they both  near meltdown regarding rumors that Big4Radio might permanently replace Liquid Metal on SiriusXM satellite radio.


[Potentially NSFW]

And for download…

J&L Episode 006 – KK to Big4

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Music featured this episode:

Judas Priest – ‘Sinner’ (Unleashed In The East)

Dokken – ‘Kiss of Death’

Startruckers – ‘Down The River’

Blind Illusion – ‘Blood Shower’

Roadsaw – ‘Electric Heaven’

[Ed. Note: Liquid Metal will be back this Saturday, Apr. 30. It turned out to be a false alarm made worse by uninformed customer service interfacing with passionate and upset metal fans. At the time of recording, however, no-one really knew what was going on, and it seemed like a very real possibility.]

On tour now, and coming to J&L very soon…ACCEPT

6 thoughts on “Jibbies & Loond – Episode 006 – K.K. retires, Dokken doesn’t

  1. I believe, gentlemen, that this was my favorite episode to date. Be it Loond warbling “Turbo Lover” or y’all getting through an entire Dokken segment without rhyming it with Rokken, that was a great podcast!


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