Sketch of the Day: Moon Knight – Finished

This’ll be fun – for me at least.

We’ll start off with the SOTD from last week:  Moon Knight.

There’s a bad moon on the rise!

Next, we’ll begin cleanup in Adobe Illustrator.  Since I want to register a few more hits for this particular post, cleanup and finished images are available after the jump.

If I have the good sense to erase most of my errant lines, clean us is relatively easy.   If I don’t, it takes forever.   It is also during the clean up phase that I begin to figure out what I do and don’t like about the pose.  And since I’m open to happy accidents, erasing a line here or there  usually works in my favor.

Here in figure 2 you’ll see the tweaking process about halfway through.  I’ve already decided on a background, so it’s complete.  The cape is going to get its own layer so it’s gone for now.

Hmmm. Maybe I should do the Liefeld feet.
Hmmm. Maybe I should do the Liefeld feet.

Now, here’s where all my time went.   I had already dropped in a fair amount of shadows when I decided that I HATED the feet.    I mean really, how do you make someone appear knock-kneed AND bowlegged at the same time?

Suck.  Suck.  Suck.

Should have gone the Liefeld route and drawn him standing in smoke, or I could have gone the Full Liefeld and added shoulder pads, a giant gun and a sword, and cross hatched the background.  I might have also made one of his eyes glow.

Time for some re-edits, which means that I printed out what I had, and sketched a new body over it.  This time I got the legs where I wanted them, scanned in the new drawing and cleaned it up all over again.

If its worth doing right, do it at least twice is my motto.

That done, I finally finished clean up and added a couple of details.  Overall, I like it….otherwise I’d be doing it still.




2 thoughts on “Sketch of the Day: Moon Knight – Finished

  1. Thanks. You know, I joke about the shoulder pad thing, but look at the cape coming over the extended hand….it could be…

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