Elvis Is Everywhere Featuring King!

  Elvis is everywhere Elvis is everything Elvis is everybody Elvis is still the king Back in 1987, Mojo Nixon put forth the proposition that Elvis is everywhere and everyone. The King died in 1977, but he's still as much a part of our culture today as he was in 1953.  As the Mark Wills … Continue reading Elvis Is Everywhere Featuring King!

An Open Letter to Geoff Johns Regarding Flashpoint

Dear Mr. Johns  I'm sure you get letters like this every single day.  Every fanboy worth his salt has ideas for how to make your mega-events "better." Given what you've been able to do with JSA, Hawkman and Green Lantern, we should all probably just sit back and let you do what you do. Of … Continue reading An Open Letter to Geoff Johns Regarding Flashpoint

A Keith Richards Moment

So I'm reading Keith Richards' autobiography Life. So far so good. Its a good read and now that they've actually formed the Stones things are moving right along. The other morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work, I told my wife that I might leave the book on my nightstand, even after … Continue reading A Keith Richards Moment

I Believe from “American Gods”

There have been some great monologues about what someone believes. Steve Martin had a great one that included "robots are stealing my luggage." For me the pinnacle is, and will always be, the Crash Davis speech from Bull Durham. However, earlier today I stumbled upon one I forgot. From the mind of Neil Gaiman in … Continue reading I Believe from “American Gods”