Jibbies & Loond – Episode 006 – K.K. retires, Dokken doesn’t

Well here we are, 1/111th of the way to our epic Episode 666 blow out, and just when you thought everything was going to turn normal, J&L get served the surprise retirement of founding Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing to dissect . Along the way Loond also checks out Dokken live, the duo give Startruckers a listen, Loond goes  retro connoisseur with Blind Illusion, and they both  near meltdown regarding rumors that Big4Radio might permanently replace Liquid Metal on SiriusXM satellite radio.


[Potentially NSFW]

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J&L Episode 006 – KK to Big4

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Music featured this episode:

Judas Priest – ‘Sinner’ (Unleashed In The East)

Dokken – ‘Kiss of Death’

Startruckers – ‘Down The River’

Blind Illusion – ‘Blood Shower’

Roadsaw – ‘Electric Heaven’

[Ed. Note: Liquid Metal will be back this Saturday, Apr. 30. It turned out to be a false alarm made worse by uninformed customer service interfacing with passionate and upset metal fans. At the time of recording, however, no-one really knew what was going on, and it seemed like a very real possibility.]

On tour now, and coming to J&L very soon…ACCEPT

Jibbies & Loond – Episode 005 – SXSW 2011, Pt. 2

In this episode J&L ogle fellow humans, cut lines, see nude skateboarders, go to war against pedicabs, bring you interviews with John Bundy of Naam and Lakis Panagiotopulos of Lecherous Gaze, and recount the glory of Trap Them + All Pigs Must Die‘s tag-team set.



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J&L Episode 005 – SXSW 2011 Pt 2

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Music featured this episode:

Red Fang – ‘Reverse Thunder’

Weedeater – ‘Mancoon’

Kylesa – ‘Forsaken’

the Obsessed – ‘Neatz Brigade’

True Widow – ‘I.N.O.’

Trap Them – ‘The Facts’

Rotor – ‘Gnade Dir Gott’

Jibbies & Loond – Episode 004 – SXSW 2011, Pt. 1

Following just days after their Motorhead odyssey, Jibbies and Loond returned to Austin for SXSW 2011, and put the young’uns to shame with their stamina, tenacity, and liver power, like two superheroes powered by METAL!, rock, and alcohol.  Loond got things started on Thursday afternoon at Emo’s with the Full Metal Texas day party. After the day-time bludgeoning it was time for the Small Stone Records showcase at Barbarella, which took J&L into the wee hours of the night. 

Friday afternoon J&L were at Headhunters for the Small Stone Records day party and spent that night at The Dirty Dog Bar for the Metalliance showcase. Saturday afternoon at The Scoot Inn brought our metallic duo the Tee Pee Records/Converse/Thrasher Magazine day party and as the sun was setting found them once again in the wonderful confines of Stubb’s for Tres Mts. The night was capped by a raging party set from Valient Thorr at Barbarella. 

Aside from being steeped in fabulous music for four days, we consumed large quantities of Lone Star beer, sampled a variety of street food, went on missions to evacuate our bowels in the most decent restrooms we could find, hung out with some great fools, and saw some of the most vast/varied array of female deliciousness the eye can see.  It was an absolutely incredible time, so have a listen to the show for all the gory details, and as we promised…some voices other than ours. – Loond

[Editor’s note: Part 1, presented here, follows J&L through the Small Stone day party and includes interviews with Jeff Martin (Lo-Pan), Erik Larsen (the Might Could, Parasytic, ex-Alabama Thunderpussy), Keith Gibbs (Sasquatch) and Scott Hamilton (President, Small Stone Recordings). Part 2 is already under construction.]


[Potentially NSFW]

And for download….

J&L Episode 004 – SXSW 2011 Pt 1

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Music featured this episode:

Lo-Pan – ‘Dragline’

Sasquatch – ‘Boss Hog’

House of Broken Promises – ‘Obey The Snake’

Sasquatch – ‘Seven Years To Saturn’

Suplecs – ‘In Your Shadow’

Ozzy – ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ [Speak of the Devil]

Cream – ‘Wrapping Paper’

Jibbies & Loond: Metalliance tour – SXSW 2011

It’s Friday of SXSW. Day 2 for Jibbies, Day 3 for Loond. After roughly 24 hours of Small Stone immersion, its time for….well, more rock and metal! We stroll up on Dirty Dog’s Bar and are instantly deflated. The line goes into the street and nearly out of sight. Fortunately, all the good mojo built up from a lifetime of devotion to metal once again comes to bear as a voice booms from nowhere in particular: “Chris Smith!” It comes from Brother-of-Metal and current Austinite C. Dawson He is about 8 people from the door with fellow BoM (and FOGG) J. Franklin. They welcome us to join them, no-one else seems to mind, and that’s that.

Dirty Dog’s is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. Dirty Dog’s is, well, dirty. Dirty Dog’s bathrooms have shit in the stalls where dudes go in two at a time and come out with seeming nasal  problems. The Atlas Moth’s grimey brand of abrassive-yet-polished psychedelic metal opened proceedings perfectly given the environment. Just when they were starting to truly take flight, however, the set was over.

Red Fang adds a good dose of claustrophic metal to their version of stoner, the roof seemingly closing in and the air growing heavier. Riffs find you. Then crush you. And all this from a band running on fumes while its van expired.

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Tres Mts. – Stubbs – Austin, Tex. – SXSW, Mar. 19, 2011

dUg Pinnick (King’s X) and Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) have been trying to get their (joint) musical act together for the better part of 15 years now. As musicians in two very hard working bands, however, little more than small snatches of time could ever be cobbled together. Both men very much wanted to do it, but there was only so much that could be done.  dUg wrote with Jeff and Richard Stuverud (the Fastbacks) in 2001 and again in 2004, joined by Mike McCready. And then the years started to roll by anew.

In early 2010, however, dUg completed a long-contemplated move from Katy, Tex., to Los Angeles, and as Pearl Jam’s seemingly never-ending touring cycle began to wind down, the opportunity arrived. dUg went north to Seattle, where he, Jeff, and Richard began the final stages of work on what would become Tres Mts. debut album, ‘Three Mountains.’

The band made it’s live debut at the Showbox in Seattle on Mar. 16, kicking off a mini-tour of  primarily east coast dates. Along the way, however, a stop at Stubbs venerable ampitheatre during SXSW was scheduled. Tres Mts. was slotted in before the Bravery and Panic! at the Disco, and the crowd definitely skewed young and fratty. By the time they took the stage, however, a packed house ready for music awaited.

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Jibbies & Loond: Tee Pee Records SXSW Day Party special

If you enter Day 3 at SXSW without beginning to feel your momentum wane at least a little you’re either a liar, a poseur (ie. not working a bit), or a meth-head. So it was for J&L as Saturday’s festivities began. Fortunately, the combination of Tee Pee Records’ diverse line-up and the cozy laid-back confines of Scoot Inn offered the perfect antidote.

Scoot Inn is on the ‘other’ side of I-35, well removed from the 6th St./Red River mayhem. More than anything it is an old-school bar. Yes it has lots of outdoor space, a nice stage, and, for this day anyway, a half pipe, but Scoot Inn’s prime directive is to provide you with a place to drink in peace.

Pedicabs have taken over Austin as if they intend to turn it into Little Bangkok. Jibbies automotive misadventures continued as one particularly dull-witted ‘cab operator drove into him while he was trying to back the Metal Machine into its parking spot. The moral of this story, particularly combined with the hours-long parking odyessey of the day before is, if at all possible, leave your car at home kids. Now, on to the METAL!

True Widow’s organic ambience helped take the edge of Jib’s ill humor. But things really started rolling with Naam.

Naam lay down what Jibbies calls  inner-space rock:  music perfect for going deep inside ones own skull and wandering around for a while. Bassist/vocalist John Bundy explained that it’s all about the groove when J caught a post-set word with him (interview in an upcoming podcast). The band will be playing a hometown Brooklyn gig Mar. 26 with the Atomic Bitchwax among others before spending almost the entire month of April in Europe.

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Jibbies & Loond: Small Stone SXSW Pt. 2 – The Day Party

What could possibly be better than spending an entire night getting blown away by Small Stone Recordings artists? Spending the first 6 rocking-hours of the next day doing it again! Loond got there early and had a great talk with Small Stone head Scott Hamilton, which we’ll bring you as part of the next podcast. He then had his face melted by a daytime reprise of House Of Broken Promises’ showcase peformance and had the beers waiting by the time Jibbies completed his 2-hr parking odyssey and entered the house for Austin’s own Tia Carrera.

Tia Carrera played two extended jams as their set and blew minds. This band can ride a groove like few others.

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Jibbies & Loond: Special Small Stone SXSW video edition

Small Stone Recordings, one of the most righteous record labels on this earth, hosts a showcase for its bands each year at South by Southwest. Loond got there nice and early, established contact with label-head Scott Hamilton and did a quick interview with the vocally inimitable Jeff Martin of Lo-Pan.

Jibbies showed up just a little bit later and had his SXSW door luck remain undented. The person before him gets “doors aren’t open yet.” The doorman looks at Jibbies and says, “watcha need man?” “I’d like to check out the show.” “Go on in.”  The person after Jibbies? “That’ll be $7, but you can’t go in yet.” [Ed. Note: Jibbies has on previous SXSW journeys turned entirely invisible and simply walked through whatever door he chose.]

This stroke of good fortune only turned problematic when Jibbies went outside to interview the Might Could’s Erik Larsen and again later when he and Loond had a curbside chat with Keith Gibbs of Sasquatch. It turns out its hard to get back into a place if no-one saw you enter the first time. But thanks to both musicians and a very reasonable door staff at Barbarella’s any hardship was avoided and METAL! once again prevailed.

We’ll have those interviews for you as part of the next podcast. In the meantime, please enjoy the following video treats, LIVE! from the front lines of SXSW 2011.

Hopes were high for Columbus, Ohio’s Lo-Pan, and man did they deliver. Between Jeff Martin’s hypnotic vocals and the sheer musicality of the band as a whole, they are a groove to be reckoned with. Could share a stage with anyone.

Sasquatch video and more after the break…

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Jibbies & Loond – Episode 003 – Roadtrips to Austin, Pt. 1

In this episode, Jibbies & Loond pile into the Metal Cruiser and head down the highway to Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, Tex., for a metal feast featuring Motorhead, Clutch, and Valient Thorr. Along the way they share some choice music recommendations for your next roadie and discuss the potential seismic effects of heavy metal. Then Jibbies goes kind of kooky waiting for a re-visitation from a long-departed spacecraft.


[Potentially NSFW]

And for download….

J&L Episode 003 – Motorhead

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Music featured this episode:

Firebird – ‘Stoned Believer’

Valient Thorr – ‘Tomorrow Police’

Clutch – ‘Binge and Purge’

Clutch – ‘Spacegrass’

Motorhead – ‘The Chase Is Better Than The Catch’

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