Friday LinkFrogging – 2/4/11

What a week dear reader(s). Snowmageddon was predicted and fell well short of the hype. I fell victim to an especially nasty flu strain that drove me to bed for most of the week. Oh yeah, and its Super Big Game week.  Really NFL?  We can't just call it the S***r B**l anymore?  Get over … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 2/4/11

Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

Its almost Halloween. As Count Floyd would say "Ohhh...spooky kids." Seriously, is there a better holiday than Halloween.  You get to dress up in a costume and, depending on your predilictions and/or guts, live out your fantasies, all while begging for food. Think about it, if the guy under the freeway with the cardboard sign … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

Wrestling is a Woman

Wrestling is a woman. You fall madly and she breaks you down. Deeper you tumble until you're in it. She will hurt you over and over but you love her anyway. More than before. More than you should. More than anyone could understand. If you stay with her you're through. She'll finish you like she … Continue reading Wrestling is a Woman

It’s a Work: A Wrestler’s Prayer

            A Wrestler’s Prayer By Chuck LeGrande               Lord, are you listening? Of course you are- you’re Lord.             I’d like you to help me to be the very best wrestler I can be, and get the most out of whatever abilities I have. You probably don’t know as much about wrestling as you … Continue reading It’s a Work: A Wrestler’s Prayer