Friday LinkFrogging

Welcome once again kids to our weekly recap of our myriad journeys through the internet. This has become a highlight for all of us and we're hoping you're enjoying the links as much as we're enjoying compiling them for you. Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this week's cheesecake.  The lucky lady … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging

Sarah Palin: Go Gently Into That Good Nighto

So, it’s the holiday weekend and me and my in-laws are sitting around watching tv and we hear ‘…with 18 months to go in her term…’ accompanied by a photo of The Barracudinator or whatever they’re calling Gov. Palin these days. “What was that?” "Don’t know, try another station." We flip around and come to: … Continue reading Sarah Palin: Go Gently Into That Good Nighto