Lapti Nek

Remember The Max Rebo band from Return Of The Jedi?  Remember that song they play in the movie?  It's called "Lapti Nek"  Here is my version of the lyrics to that song... Port O Prince has got me I'm ridin around in your car I'm goin to Atascosita...yeah You think you're dead, but you better not … Continue reading Lapti Nek

Gimme Gold – Santo Gold

The name that will last foreverOnce upon a long time ago, cable was new and not available everywhere. Seriously. In those long gone days, if you wanted to watch something more than ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS you had to head to the UHF dial. "What's that?" our younger reader(s) might ask.  Well, it used … Continue reading Gimme Gold – Santo Gold

The Greatest Music of the ’90s

Now that even the tail end of the decade is almost 10 years ago, I decided it was time to weigh in on this very important topic.  Important?, you ask. Why yes. Because at least one version of mainstream rock musical history goes like this: the Dinosaurs, Punk, 4 days of Power Pop, Hair Metal … Continue reading The Greatest Music of the ’90s