Friday LinkFrogging – 2/11/11

  Welcome to Friday boys and girls. Last week's run-in with the flu and fever flirting with the high end of the FM dial, left me behind the 8-ball on all fronts this week.  I was so far behind that when I sat down at my desk this morning I still didn't have a cheesecake … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 2/11/11

Obamagram: Expectations and Responsibilities

The following is the full text of the most recent Obamagram from Charles A. Lewis of Coach House Capital. I think it contains some healthy perspective: As is my wont, let me begin at the beginning.  My wife, Penny Sebring, and I had lunch alone with Obama in July 2003 to get to know him … Continue reading Obamagram: Expectations and Responsibilities

Glenn Beck: Tool of the Apocalypse

Glenn Beck is the antichrist. Let me back up a second. Fox News is a strange animal.  Their evening news program with Shepard Smith tends to be pretty ‘fair and balanced’.  Like, for real and not code for ‘toxic, right wing, conspiratorial bullshit’.  If they’d reign in their reporters and producers a little bit more, … Continue reading Glenn Beck: Tool of the Apocalypse