Friday LinkFrogging – 4/1/11

Welcome back kids. Now that most of the Gonzo Compadres have recovered from their varietal trips to SXSW, we're back and getting down to it.  Well most of us anyway.  John is in Hotlanta this weekend for Wrestlemania.  Its his first trip to the big event despite a lifelong obsession with the squared circle. Sure, the … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 4/1/11

Davey Jones’ Locker: Pirates drown with ransom

So you hijack a supertanker (Sirius Star) 450 miles offshore east Africa in a motorboat and actually succeed. It seems the problem quickly becomes: what the hell do you do with the thing? You probably don't have a place to put 2 million bbl of crude. Or dock a ship more than 1,000 ft long. But you … Continue reading Davey Jones’ Locker: Pirates drown with ransom