‘Ty Cobb’: iPod First Anniversary #15

KEY LYRIC: Sick in the head, sick in the mouth And I don’t hear a word you say Not a bit, and I don’t give a shit ALBUM: Soundgarden – ‘Down On The Upside’ Year: 1996 Producer: Soundgarden (w/Adam Kasper)  Mixed by: Adam Kasper NOTES: A song written about a generic, pissed-off idiot and then named … Continue reading ‘Ty Cobb’: iPod First Anniversary #15

‘Spoonman’: iPod First Anniversary #16

KEY LYRIC: All my friends are Indians All my friends are brown and red, spoonman All my friends are skeletons They beat the rhythm with their bones, spoonman    Album: Soundgarden - 'Superunknown' Year: 1994 Producer: Michael Beinhorn Mixed by: Brendan O'Brien   NOTES:  The biggest single off Superunknown. I always thought the second part of the … Continue reading ‘Spoonman’: iPod First Anniversary #16