Sketch of the Day: Batman 2 – Finished

Yesterday, I had to return a lot of phone calls, which meant a lot of time on hold. This is what happens. And so you can see where I case you didn't see it yesterday.... Or as I like to look at it - Cause and Effect. It is entirely possible that this image … Continue reading Sketch of the Day: Batman 2 – Finished

GonzoGeek vs. The Oscars 2011: Best Supporting Actor

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are Sunday, so it's time for the annual predictions from the revered GonzoGeek panel: Bruce, Chris, John, Matt, Stephe and Matt’s copy of “Wrestlemania 2000” for the Nintendo 64. Today: Best Supporting Actor The Nominees: Christian Bale, "The Fighter" - 1/7 Geoffery Rush, "The Kings Speech" - 4/1 Jeremy Renner, … Continue reading GonzoGeek vs. The Oscars 2011: Best Supporting Actor

Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

Its almost Halloween. As Count Floyd would say "Ohhh...spooky kids." Seriously, is there a better holiday than Halloween.  You get to dress up in a costume and, depending on your predilictions and/or guts, live out your fantasies, all while begging for food. Think about it, if the guy under the freeway with the cardboard sign … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 10/29/10

National Talk Like Christain Bale as Batman Day

Monday, February 2, 2008 is National Talk Like Christian Bale as Batman Day. You know, make your voice ridiculously hoarse. So before you leave for work on Monday, gargle with tequila and Pop Rocks, swallow a Brillo Pad, eat a whole pineapple. Do whatever you need to to in order to achieve that particular vocal … Continue reading National Talk Like Christain Bale as Batman Day

“The Dark Knight” – the review

Back in April, I did a summer movie preview. Sitting right at the top of my list was "The Dark Knight." It was unquestionably the movie I was most looking forward to this summer. Based on its box office take to date, I'm not the only one. I saw Dark Knight on opening day shortly … Continue reading “The Dark Knight” – the review

2008 Summer Movies

After yesterday's carpet bombing of the "Star Wars" franchise I thought I should try to make amends to Hollywood. Summer movie time is quickly approaching.  It's that special time of year where Hollywood depletes most of its budget for the year in hopes that we'll all line up at the neighborhood googleplex to see the … Continue reading 2008 Summer Movies