Friday LinkFrogging – 12/17/10

Christmas is in the air kids. Its also in my car, my house, my wallet and my kids. Its been another fun year for us here at the 'Geek.  We've seen our little site blossom and we're on the verge of taking another big step next year.  Stay tuned. In any event, this will be … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 12/17/10

Noche Cinco

T’was late Noche Cinco In a lonely cantina, Where a world-weary stranger Sits, sipping tequila. He’s perched at the bar, With shirt tails untucked Over surfer board shorts And sandals with socks. To his left, to his right There’s nary a soul. Couple of stragglers, a loner, Some last call night owls. He glug-guzzles his … Continue reading Noche Cinco

Merry Christmas from GonzoGeek

All of us here at GonzoGeek wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. In the spirit of the holiday, I'm going to share with you the recipe for the best Christmas cookies ever. Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies Notes THIS RECIPE IS STRICTLY FOR MEN OVER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE AND UNDER FORTY. DO NOT … Continue reading Merry Christmas from GonzoGeek

Year in Review: 2009

  Wow.  Can you believe it’s that time of year again.  I tell you, it just snuck up on me this year like a pack of Santa’s Christmas Ninjas!  Oh, yes, Virginia, there are Christmas Ninjas.  This guy I know, we’ll call him ‘Me’, knows a guy who’s friend was telling him about this one … Continue reading Year in Review: 2009

News: E-Bay Buyer Blows Chunks

So. Like many of you, I’ve bought and sold stuff on E-Bay from time to time.  Really, at this point, who hasn’t. Most of the time it goes fairly well.  I win, I pay, they ship, we post feedback and life goes on.  Sometimes things get broken or hung up in shipment.  Sometimes your buyer … Continue reading News: E-Bay Buyer Blows Chunks

Friday LinkFrogging – 12/18/09

Welcome back friends and neighbors.  You favorite GonzoGeeks are going to give you one last dose of LinkFrogging this year/decade.  We'll be taking the next two Fridays off for Christmas and New Years Day, but rest assured, your daily dose of links and cheesecake will return in 2010. Speaking of cheesecake, with the movie Avatar … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 12/18/09

Friday LinkFrogging – 12/4/09

Welcome to December.  Christmas is only three short weeks away kids.  Have you done your shopping? Me either. I'm too busy compiling our weekly fantastical trip around the internet as compiled by your friendly neighborhood GonzoGeeks. As always, before we hit the links, its time for some cheesecake.  Ironically, it was a hit from the links … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 12/4/09