The Fourth Law of Robotics: Voter Early, Vote Often

My dad recently asked me what my ideal candidate for political office would be.  I thought about it for a second... 'Robot.' 'Haha...seriously.  You have to vote for a person.' 'Okay...robot.' 'Alright, son.  I'll play along.  Why a robot?' 'They have no party affiliation.  They do what they're told.  They don't need food or sleep … Continue reading The Fourth Law of Robotics: Voter Early, Vote Often

Pakistan Zindabaad!

so i saw this on today.  it's the dudes from Vice magazine out of brooklyn.  these guys are way cool.  they did the "heavy metal in baghdad" movie.  even cooler is that their main guy, suroosh alvi,  is desi (general term for people from india and/or pakistan). i've travelled the world extensively and it always amazes me how … Continue reading Pakistan Zindabaad!

Obamagram: Expectations and Responsibilities

The following is the full text of the most recent Obamagram from Charles A. Lewis of Coach House Capital. I think it contains some healthy perspective: As is my wont, let me begin at the beginning.  My wife, Penny Sebring, and I had lunch alone with Obama in July 2003 to get to know him … Continue reading Obamagram: Expectations and Responsibilities