Friday LinkFrogging – 7/23/10

Screw you JMS!  Well kids, if its late July the geeks are convening in sunny Southern California. That's right, its Comic-Con weekend in San Diego.  And while we at the 'Geek were able to secure press credentials for the mecca of all geekdom, due to timing issues we were unable to get there. That doesn't … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 7/23/10

Late Night Madness with Craig Ferguson

I KNOW! I'll admit I was skeptical when CBS announced Craig Ferguson as the new host of The Late Late Show a few years ago. Mr. Wick? From The Drew Carey Show? The fey Scotish guy? Really? Okay. It didn't help that our local CBS affiliate pushed the show back half an hour to air … Continue reading Late Night Madness with Craig Ferguson