Alaskan Gas to China?

Those segments of the US beholden to both big business and America-firstness have a big conundrum looming on the horizon: what to do with the natural gas supplies waiting to be developed on the Alaskan North Slope. TransCanada and ExxonMobil have filed their plans to seek shippers with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and … Continue reading Alaskan Gas to China?

Expanded domestic drilling and its ‘benefits’

We could drill everywhere in the U.S. and not meet our energy needs or reduce prices. The U.S. contains only 3 or 4 percent of the world's proven oil and gas reserves. As the U.S. Department of Interior has indicated, at the most, only 4 billion barrels of oil reserves lie off the entire Atlantic … Continue reading Expanded domestic drilling and its ‘benefits’

It sucks to be little…as we will soon find out

¬†Nothing simultaneously amuses and infuriates me more than when W. or someone from his circle describes someone or something else as "irresponsible." This from a guy who's presided over an unprecedented growth¬†of the U.S. government, run up record deficits (as part of an also unprecedented transfer of wealth to the upper 1% of the country), … Continue reading It sucks to be little…as we will soon find out