Friday LinkFrogging – 6/18/10

Heard you missed us.  We're back. That's right, its time for another trip of the light fantastic through our weekly internet finds.  But wait, what's that there on the left? Why, its iToad. What's iToad you may rightfully ask.  Well, Stephe decided our regular feature needed a mascot and whipped up this electro-amphibian.  You'll be … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 6/18/10

Reimagining Major League Baseball 2008

Every year when baseball season approaches, I think about how I would love to realign the Major League Baseball. A few years ago they threatened to do this. Contract some underperforming teams and move some others around. I was all for this. The expansion of the 90s was unnecessary. All it did was essentially add … Continue reading Reimagining Major League Baseball 2008