Friday LinkFrogging – 1/15/10

What a week it has been. Earthquakes. Celebrity Deathmatches. And the Cowboys won a playoff game. That, kids, is what they call a segue.  Please say hello to this week's cheesecake, Sarah Shahi. Ms. Shahi is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and co-star of the dearly departed NBC cop/conspiracy drama Life. Sarah was slated to … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 1/15/10

Glenn Beck: Tool of the Apocalypse

Glenn Beck is the antichrist. Let me back up a second. Fox News is a strange animal.  Their evening news program with Shepard Smith tends to be pretty ‘fair and balanced’.  Like, for real and not code for ‘toxic, right wing, conspiratorial bullshit’.  If they’d reign in their reporters and producers a little bit more, … Continue reading Glenn Beck: Tool of the Apocalypse