iPod First Anniversary: Top 25

I started this with the intent of making it a regular serial feature. Neither regular nor serial ended up happening. I love music. And I love sharing the music I love with the rest of the world. But I couldn't even interest myself in keeping up  with this. Imagine how horrid it would have been had I … Continue reading iPod First Anniversary: Top 25

iPod: First Anniversary, #21-22

Good Charlotte: 'Riot Girl,' 'The Day That I Die'   KEY LYRIC: Did I live it right? I hope I lived it right, I know I lived it right    Album: The Young and The Hopeless Year: 2002 Produced/Mixed  by: Eric Valentine Engineer: Ken Allardyce   NOTES: Another one heavily influenced by Jr.'s listening. That being … Continue reading iPod: First Anniversary, #21-22