A Drug Called Sheen

I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about Charlie Sheen.  It’s yet another testimony to how our society is just a bunch of overly sensitive, bored, judgmental, self righteous, pansies.  Who cares?  Live and let live…ever heard the term?  I think the guy is pretty darn funny.  He’s definitely nutty, but … Continue reading A Drug Called Sheen

Lucha Minis Murdered by Hookers!

  Sometimes there are stories you just can't make up. This would be one of those stories. From PerezHilton.com: So surreal! It's sad news for fans of the Mexican Lucha Mini stars, twin brothers Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez, known as La Parkita and El Espectrito Jr. The two were found dead in their hotel room … Continue reading Lucha Minis Murdered by Hookers!