Friday LinkFrogging – 11/5/10

Bust it!How the hell did it get to be November already? Before you know it we'll be gorging ourselves on turkey. Then it will be Black Friday and that can only lead to Christmas. Wow. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This week we saw a typhoon of voter unhappiness turn control of the US … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 11/5/10

Jamie Jungers Wins $75K on Tiger’s 9 iron

Howard Stern today held the Tiger Woods' Mistress Beauty Pageant on his Sirius Radio show. Four confirmed mistresses were originally booked but only three (Jungers, Jaimie Grubbs, and Loradena Jolie) ended up showing. Jungers won. Howard, Robin Givens, Gary Del'Abbate, Fred Norris, and Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman judged the paegent, with voting based 50:50 … Continue reading Jamie Jungers Wins $75K on Tiger’s 9 iron

Training Bonaduce

Here's a look at Danny Bonaduce's training regimine. You couldn't tell if it was working after he whooped ass on Rev. Bob Levy, but he just finished going toe-to-toe and staying on his feet with the vastly larger (and probably every-bit-as-crazy) Jose Canseco, so he must be doing something right! Full details available here.

Wrestlemania XXV: Hulk vs. Stone Cold?

Well maybe not. Interviewed Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 16, 2008, on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show (Sirius satellite radio, Howard 101), Terry "Hulk" Hogan said that he had not been contacted by anyone regarding such a match. Still, that's a far cry from saying, "No. Nothing like that is going to happen," or some other actual … Continue reading Wrestlemania XXV: Hulk vs. Stone Cold?