iPod 2nd Anniversary: Top 25

I know. It doesn't seem like a year has passed since the first anniversay post. It hasn't. The first anniversary was supposed to have been a serial celebration of the music I love as logged by my iPod. I tired of it, however, and finished it off with one big list right before the second … Continue reading iPod 2nd Anniversary: Top 25

iPod First Anniversary: Top 25

I started this with the intent of making it a regular serial feature. Neither regular nor serial ended up happening. I love music. And I love sharing the music I love with the rest of the world. But I couldn't even interest myself in keeping up  with this. Imagine how horrid it would have been had I … Continue reading iPod First Anniversary: Top 25

‘Ty Cobb’: iPod First Anniversary #15

KEY LYRIC: Sick in the head, sick in the mouth And I don’t hear a word you say Not a bit, and I don’t give a shit ALBUM: Soundgarden – ‘Down On The Upside’ Year: 1996 Producer: Soundgarden (w/Adam Kasper)  Mixed by: Adam Kasper NOTES: A song written about a generic, pissed-off idiot and then named … Continue reading ‘Ty Cobb’: iPod First Anniversary #15

‘Spoonman’: iPod First Anniversary #16

KEY LYRIC: All my friends are Indians All my friends are brown and red, spoonman All my friends are skeletons They beat the rhythm with their bones, spoonman    Album: Soundgarden - 'Superunknown' Year: 1994 Producer: Michael Beinhorn Mixed by: Brendan O'Brien   NOTES:  The biggest single off Superunknown. I always thought the second part of the … Continue reading ‘Spoonman’: iPod First Anniversary #16

iPod First Anniversary #17

Buju Banton w/Rancid: 'Misty Days' KEY LYRIC: None Year: 1998 NOTES: One of three songs recorded with Rancid in 1998, another of which became the title track to their 'Life Won't Wait' album. Banton's militant homophobia prevents me from going on at much additional length. Banton has, however, been in jail since Dec. 10 after getting … Continue reading iPod First Anniversary #17

iPod First Anniversary, #18-20

Fulcrum: ‘Man Of Air,’ ‘Brief Satisfaction’ (Stones adaptation), ‘Figurehead’ (The Cure cover) KEY LYRIC: But it takes 47 hands to hold the birds in the air That left me with 4 to spare For the people, planes and insects, the clouds and the smog And I could not hold them all So I let you … Continue reading iPod First Anniversary, #18-20

iPod: First Anniversary, #21-22

Good Charlotte: 'Riot Girl,' 'The Day That I Die'   KEY LYRIC: Did I live it right? I hope I lived it right, I know I lived it right    Album: The Young and The Hopeless Year: 2002 Produced/Mixed  by: Eric Valentine Engineer: Ken Allardyce   NOTES: Another one heavily influenced by Jr.'s listening. That being … Continue reading iPod: First Anniversary, #21-22

iPod: First Anniversary Top 25

Most Played 23-25: Green Day: ‘Basket Case,’ ‘Pulling Teeth,’ ‘Coming Clean’   KEY LYRIC: I went to a shrink To analyze my dreams She says it's lack of sex That's bringing me down   Album: Dookie Year: 1994 Produced by: Rob Cavallo Mixed by: Jerry Finn   NOTES: I love me some Green Day (actually … Continue reading iPod: First Anniversary Top 25