New Michael Monroe single – ’78’

  \'78\' - Michael Monroe Pulled from the forthcoming Jack Douglas-produced album 'Sensory Overdrive,' recorded last fall in L.A. Michael Monroe - vox/sax, Sami Yaffa - bass, Steve Conte - gtr, Ginger - gtr, Karl Rockfist - drums The band is on tour in Finland March 2011 and the UK in April. US dates TBA (hopefully).

Dead, Jail, or Rock n’ Roll!

I've been carrying on for a while now about all thing's Michael Monroe, ever since my March sighting of the new band melted my brain while at the same time instantly making order out of decades of personal history. I've been carrying on so much I'd even begun to wonder if maybe I wasn't crazy. Maybe I … Continue reading Dead, Jail, or Rock n’ Roll!