21st Century ‘Stand By Me’?

In a role that looks likely to eclipse fellow rocker Steven Adler's appearance in slasher comedy 'Dahmer vs. Gacy' erstwhile Black Label Society/Ozzy axeman Zakk Wylde plays Uncle Jed to title charcter Bones White in late-80s set coming-of-age flick '`Bones.' The movie,  the writing and directorial debut of Frank Pestarino, is described as a "heart-breaking...story [about] four teens growing … Continue reading 21st Century ‘Stand By Me’?

In Memoriam – Ricardo Montalban

Quien es mas macho...Senor Lamas or Senor Montalban? That line from an old Saturday Night Live sketch used to make me and my friends laugh to the point that it didn't even have to be finished. As it turns out, I think Senor Montalban was the correct answer. Montalban started acting in the early 40s with … Continue reading In Memoriam – Ricardo Montalban