Michael Monroe – LIVE! – Finland, Mar. 27, 2011, Japan benefit

I'm not sure what else I can say to convince the planet that this is its greatest currently functioning rock band, so I'll just let the music do the talking instead. Click here for 40 minute set from Japan benefit show. Could have used a little more Ginger and Sami in the broadcast mix, but other than … Continue reading Michael Monroe – LIVE! – Finland, Mar. 27, 2011, Japan benefit

It’s a Work – Anvil: The Story of Pro Wrestling

This past Tuesday night, I went to Charlotte’s newest live-music venue- the Fillmore. Anvil was performing and this past year’s documentary, ‘Anvil: The Story of Anvil’, depicting their history and struggles to achieve rock stardom had won me over; not with their music, but because these men have marched thanklessly to their own thrash metal … Continue reading It’s a Work – Anvil: The Story of Pro Wrestling

Siroi Yami No Naka vs. Halo 2

Check this song out. I don't understand Japanese, but darn is it catchy. I've also never visited Japan, but from afar there seems to be a segment of their culture that celebrates the superficial even more voraciously then we do. This song, and its mash-up with a Halo 2 promo, could easily help further this … Continue reading Siroi Yami No Naka vs. Halo 2

Friday LinkFrogging – 12/4/09

Welcome to December.  Christmas is only three short weeks away kids.  Have you done your shopping? Me either. I'm too busy compiling our weekly fantastical trip around the internet as compiled by your friendly neighborhood GonzoGeeks. As always, before we hit the links, its time for some cheesecake.  Ironically, it was a hit from the links … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 12/4/09

W.: The Real Damage Done

I have held for years now that the damage brought about by the reign of George W. Bush can most clearly be measured by our (the United States') diminished standing in the world. This stretches will beyond the war in Iraq. Put plainly, while he has pursued a course of unilateralism bordering on the isolationist, the … Continue reading W.: The Real Damage Done

Political Science for Dummies

  I got this in an email from Chris a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it ought to be posted somewhere. This appears to be somewhere. And yes, believe it or not, the photo is germane to the lesson. Learn. DEMOCRAT You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being … Continue reading Political Science for Dummies