Friday LinkFrogging – 5/21/10

Welcome back one and all to your weekly gaggle (school?  pride?  murder?) of links provided to you by all of us here at GonzoGeek. I enjoy seeing what my Gonzo Compadres come up with each and every week.  They never fail to find some truly interesting stuff out there.  This week is no exception. But … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 5/21/10

Houston Crack, Chris Porter, and Joel McHale

What do you get when you combine Houston hipster hangouts, wannabe MILFs, barstools, and low-rise jeans? Some of the best crack in the land. I particularly admire the lack of anything -- even a thong -- obscuring the view. That's how you can tell we're dealing with a real woman here, not some just-legal still-exploring … Continue reading Houston Crack, Chris Porter, and Joel McHale