Them Crooked Vultures LIVE! Full concert!

We here at GonzoGeek love many things, but rock is way up the list. We suspect many of you are the same. In this season of giving, we wanted to share this gem of a find from our continuous global search for all things cool with you. Please welcome to the GonzoGeek stage, live from … Continue reading Them Crooked Vultures LIVE! Full concert!

Led Zeppelin ticket prices

IF a Led Zeppelin reunion tour of North America were to happen, what is your go/no-go price point? Bruce and I talked about this once during summer 2008, and I seem to recall we both had $300 in mind. Now, understand please that this conversation was imagining a Plant/Page/Jones/Bonham Led Zeppelin (ie, the closest thing that could occur … Continue reading Led Zeppelin ticket prices

Creed … Alter Bridge … Zeppelin?!?

Pitchforkmedia reports that Myles Kennedy—Scott Stapp's replacement in Creed, begatting Alter Bridge—has been rehearsing with Page, Jones, and Bonham and could be  a possible stand-in for Robert Plant on any future Led Zeppelin tour.  The whole idea is ridiculous and Page/Jones should be roundly beaten for even contemplating taking something out on the road without Plant and calling it … Continue reading Creed … Alter Bridge … Zeppelin?!?