Interview: ‘Possum Walk’ writer/director Jeremy Sumrall

‘Possum Walk’ writer/director Jeremy Sumrall grew up in New Waverly, Tex., about an hour north of Houston, on Possum Walk Road. He decided the name would work well for the small-town setting of a horror movie, then expanded it to be the name of the movie itself.   Sumrall has written a number of scripts over … Continue reading Interview: ‘Possum Walk’ writer/director Jeremy Sumrall

The Variants

So there's this great man (Jeremy Sumrall) making a sure-to-be-great horror movie (Possum Walk) which features Keli Wolfe, also a co-star in this webseries about a Dallas-based comic book store. We're going to duck Sumrall's giant sledgehammer long enough to get an interview with him up in the near future. In the meantime, however, please enjoy … Continue reading The Variants