Friday LinkFrogging – 4/8/11

A tremendous Friday to you all. Yes, I just dropped some Rome on you.  What can I say?  Its Smackoff Friday and I just back to the office after running some errands.  The calls were well above par so far and if there's anything we like here, its good smack. Well, that and cheesecake. See … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 4/8/11

Friday LinkFrogging – 1/21/11

POP QUIZ! If you could spend two days locked in your wood-panelled basement playing 'BlackOps' with anyone on earth, who would you choose? Awwww....that's sweet. You'd choose your brother. But we said ANYONE on earth. That's right, look up slowly, take a deep breath, and now decide. We thought you'd come around. This week's cheesecake … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 1/21/11

The Thunders Conundrum…

….is an affliction that doesn’t seem to be suffered by many, but I’ve got it bad. It goes a little something like this. Given Johnny Thunders’ fame and reputed influence on so much of the music I love, I’m pretty much obliged to address his role at some point or another. But how exactly to … Continue reading The Thunders Conundrum…

Friday LinkFrogging – 4/2/10

Welcome back my friends to our weekly walk on the weird side of the web. Do you smell it? Its the smell of freshly mown grass, beer, hot dogs and Icy Hot. That combination can only mean one thing.  Baseball season is underway. MLB's opening day game is this Sunday when the Evil Empire, the … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 4/2/10

Friday LinkFrogging – 12/4/09

Welcome to December.  Christmas is only three short weeks away kids.  Have you done your shopping? Me either. I'm too busy compiling our weekly fantastical trip around the internet as compiled by your friendly neighborhood GonzoGeeks. As always, before we hit the links, its time for some cheesecake.  Ironically, it was a hit from the links … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 12/4/09

Handicapping the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

  In September, the nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2010 was announced. They were: ABBA The Chantels Jimmy Cliff Genesis The Hollies LL Cool J Darlene Love Laura Nyro Red Hot Chili Peppers The Stooges Donna Summer KISS Let's take a closer look at these 12 acts and see which … Continue reading Handicapping the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees