Sketch of the Day: Moon Knight

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Marvel's 'Batman'.  One of the first books I read regularly.  At one time I had everything he'd been in from 'Werewolf by Night' to the 'Hulk' magazines and up through his second title.   Who doesn't love an Egyptian God's  schitzo-billionaire agent of vengeance.   In fact, … Continue reading Sketch of the Day: Moon Knight

Stan Lee Draws…?

I stumbled upon this book at the local library earlier today. I was a bit surprised. Stan Lee is known for writing/creating most of the characters associated with Marvel Comics. From the Fantastic Four to the X-Men they all sprang from the fertile frontal lobe of Stan the Man. But drawing? That really wasn't Stan's … Continue reading Stan Lee Draws…?

The Orson Randall Project – Update 1

I've made no secret of my admiration for Marvel's new take on Iron Fist.  They took a very one-dimensional character and gave him some serious depth. In fact, I have a pair of Iron Fist action figures sitting on my desk at work.  One is the Marvel Universe action figure.  I have to be honest … Continue reading The Orson Randall Project – Update 1

News: E-Bay Buyer Blows Chunks

So. Like many of you, I’ve bought and sold stuff on E-Bay from time to time.  Really, at this point, who hasn’t. Most of the time it goes fairly well.  I win, I pay, they ship, we post feedback and life goes on.  Sometimes things get broken or hung up in shipment.  Sometimes your buyer … Continue reading News: E-Bay Buyer Blows Chunks