Friday LinkFrogging – 1/14/11

If its Friday that must mean its time for us to, once again, travel the tubes and see what our merry band of Geeks has located for you. Before we get down to that I want to drop a couple of kernels of knowledge on you. First, Chris will be filling in for me on … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 1/14/11

Friday LinkFrogging – 8/20/10

Some things in life are just inevitable.    Death.    Taxes.    Kids returning to school.    Partisan politics.    Child stars turning into adult train wrecks.    And bad Michael Bay movies.    Why the laundry list?  Good question.    The answer is simple.    This week's cheesecake selection was one of those foregone inevitablilities.     Say hello to Jennifer Aniston.    Yeah, I know.    … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 8/20/10

Lucha Minis Murdered by Hookers!

  Sometimes there are stories you just can't make up. This would be one of those stories. From So surreal! It's sad news for fans of the Mexican Lucha Mini stars, twin brothers Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez, known as La Parkita and El Espectrito Jr. The two were found dead in their hotel room … Continue reading Lucha Minis Murdered by Hookers!