Noche Cinco

T’was late Noche Cinco In a lonely cantina, Where a world-weary stranger Sits, sipping tequila. He’s perched at the bar, With shirt tails untucked Over surfer board shorts And sandals with socks. To his left, to his right There’s nary a soul. Couple of stragglers, a loner, Some last call night owls. He glug-guzzles his … Continue reading Noche Cinco

LUCHA LIBRE THEATER – Los Campeones Justicieros

Back in November, Stephe and I attended Wizard World Texas.  One of my great finds at the convention was a DVD containing a lucha libre double feature. I've been wanting to review it every since, but one thing or another kept blocking my ability to sit down and watch the movie and properly review it. … Continue reading LUCHA LIBRE THEATER – Los Campeones Justicieros

Letters from Peckerneck: Dwarvscuffln

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming ‘Letters From Peckerneck: What the School Board Don’t Wantcha To Know!” published by the Greater Peckerneck Historical Society. The following is taken from testimony given in 1985, when the Peckerneck City Council debated lifting the ban on ‘cruel and unusual sport within city limits’. The ban remained … Continue reading Letters from Peckerneck: Dwarvscuffln