It’s a Work: Markism and the Business of Indy Wrestling

            Independent wrestling is probably the last bastion of true professional wrestling, and sadly, it seems to be, in far too many cases, in the hands of ill-equipped promoters, who in turn, leave the trade in the hands of ill-equipped professionals. Some have demonstrated little interest in protecting pro wrestling’s traditional foundations, instead succumbing to what … Continue reading It’s a Work: Markism and the Business of Indy Wrestling

It’s a Work – Storytelling

  Before I get to the meat of things, a thought on Vince Russo. If I had to guess, I would that when he was a schoolboy, he was the smartass kid gigglng as he did his homework assignment while sitting on the floor outside the classroom door with the schoolbell blaring above him, moments … Continue reading It’s a Work – Storytelling

Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09

  Wrestlemania XXV is less than 2 months away.  With the show being right in GonzoGeek's backyard, expect our coverage to ramp up in the coming weeks. For instance, this past Monday I had a chance to watch Raw in its entirety for the first time in I don't remember how long.  Thought I'd better … Continue reading Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09