Friday LinkFrogging – 4/15/11

Greetings from the Land of 'Geek kids. Today would normally be Tax Day, but since Washington, D.C. is closed down for Emancipation Day (?) you've got until Monday to "render unto Caesar." Until then, why don't you let us take your mind off all that with some links and cheesecake. This week's selection is the … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 4/15/11

Nicolas Cage Hairpiece Hall of Fame – Con Air

Very few actors have managed to be so simultaneously revered and reviled as Nicolas Cage.  For every Leaving Las Vegas there is a Fire Birds.  To call his work inconsistent is to malign the word inconsistent. However, one thing remains consistent in Nic's work - his vast collection of hair pieces. You see, like so … Continue reading Nicolas Cage Hairpiece Hall of Fame – Con Air

Friday LinkFrogging – 12/18/09

Welcome back friends and neighbors.  You favorite GonzoGeeks are going to give you one last dose of LinkFrogging this year/decade.  We'll be taking the next two Fridays off for Christmas and New Years Day, but rest assured, your daily dose of links and cheesecake will return in 2010. Speaking of cheesecake, with the movie Avatar … Continue reading Friday LinkFrogging – 12/18/09